Power Tools – A Brief History

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Power Tools Tools that are powered by an electric motor, compressed air motor, or gasoline engine have a wide range of applications in industry. Power tools are multi-dimensional in their application, being used in the construction industry, drilling, sanding, painting, and polishing. Metalworking is carried out using stationary power tools. When used in the context of stationary power tools, these … Read more

Best Power Tools for Woodworking – A Must Have

Best Power Tools for Woodworking - A Must Have

Power Tools for Woodworking Power tools are specially designed for professionals and contractors for use on the job site. They are specialized versions of hand held tools that are designed to be more powerful and durable and are often used in applications requiring more speed and higher torque.  The basic types of power tools are drills, saws, sanders, routers, grinders, polishers, … Read more