DeWalt DWS780 Dimensions and Quality – Miter Saw Review

DeWalt DWS780

With our DeWalt DWS780 review, we’ll take a closer look at a genuine heavy-duty mitre saw. With incredible features, the ability to cut through massive timbers, and state-of-the-art technology, this mitre saw is an impressive addition to any tool collection.

The latest gadgets and tools that can handle any job, no matter how large or small, are available for those who enjoy having the latest and greatest. You can purchase this with the assurance that you will never be caught off guard by a job that would require a larger mitre saw.

It is a significant investment at the high end of the pricing spectrum, but one that is well justified for the serious woodworker who deals regularly with structural materials.


DeWalt DWS780 – Features

The DWS780 is packed with so many features that it can handle any job you throw at it. The key with this saw is whether or not you will take advantage of all of its features, as it is a costly tool. Unless you are taking on a significant amount of construction work, this will be far too much equipment for the average DIY enthusiast.

That being said, the DWS780 is easy to use and fairly priced so there is no reason why you can’t have this saw in your shed and start chopping wood. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with this saw because you’ll never be short on parts and oil. The tool uses an electric motor which allows for longer lasting components, as well as cutting wood quickly and smoothly.


The DWS780 has a fantastic appearance! There aren’t many mitre saws on the market that are particularly attractive, but this one stands out from the crowd thanks to some meticulous attention to detail on every part of the saw. The robust industrial design appears to be of high quality, which is consistent with its performance.

The bright yellow and black colors of the Dewalt saw make it instantly distinguishable as a product from the well-known manufacturer. Tools like these will make any construction site or workshop appear professional and cutting-edge.

As a whole, the saw is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport around a construction site. This is particularly important when working in difficult-to-reach areas. This machine weighs only 24.8 kg, which is a small weight considering its cutting capabilities, and it has a handle for easy transportation.

DeWalt DWS780 Dimensions and Cut

The DeWalt DWS780 is a true workhorse, capable of cutting through even the most difficult materials with ease. The saw is powered by a powerful 1675 watt motor with an adjustable speed for cutting a variety of different types of materials. This is a fantastic feature for getting the best finish on materials other than wood, and it allows for the perfect set up for steel, plastic, and other materials as well.

The cutting capacity is unrivaled in the industry. Cut depths of up to 110mm (4.3 inches) are permitted for the largest construction timbers, but no deeper. About DeWalt DWS780 dimensions, the maximum width is 303mm (12 inches), which allows it to cut through some substantial pieces of wood with absolute precision and smoothness thanks to the use of bronze rail guides. Essentially, a mitre saw is a combination of the cutting capacity of several larger table saws.

Using the left and right bevel settings, which are both simple and quick to adjust, this single bevel saw can cut at a 49-degree angle on both the left and right bevels. Using the quick release bevel controls, it is possible to quickly achieve a variety of angles.

The mitre settings on the left can be adjusted up to 60 degrees, and on the right they can be adjusted up to 50 degrees. Using a mitre cam lock to quickly set and change angles, this is a simple machine to operate. When combined with the bevel angles, you will be able to cut some extremely tight and accurate angles with some fairly large pieces of material.

Using the XPS Shadow Line cut indicator, you can accurately guide yourself through the cutting process while also illuminating the material and blade while cutting. Once the DWS780 is configured, This is a very useful feature if you are working on a construction site or in a workspace where there is limited natural light.

In order to cut grooves and rebates, the cut depth can be easily adjusted to achieve precise depths.

The DWS780 is a highly adjustable unit that will ensure that it remains extremely accurate throughout its lifetime. Because all mitre saws deteriorate with use, they must be periodically calibrated. Because of the fine adjustment options available on this machine, you will never lose accuracy while using it.


The DeWalt DWS 780 mitre saw has excellent safety features, which is a plus. A powerful dust management system designed to handle large volumes of dust in a commercial environment, it also deflects dust away from the cutting area, making it easier to keep an eye on the blade while cutting.

A large and durable automatic cover protects the blade from the elements. The spinning blade is only ever visible when the saw is actively cutting through the material it is cutting through.

The cutting light is useful for cutting in dimly lit areas, and it eliminates the need to bend down and get close to the saw in order to observe the cutting process while cutting. Unlit work environments can be extremely dangerous, making this a worthwhile addition.

This means that it will sit well on a flat surface and will not move around easily, which is extremely important when dealing with large timbers that are extremely heavy in weight.

Spare and Repair

Because this is such an expensive power tool, it is critical to know that you have a backup plan in place in the event that something goes wrong. It is possible for even the highest-quality items to break or require servicing from time to time, especially if they are subjected to the maximum amount of use on a daily basis. The Dewalt dealer and service network in the United Kingdom is extensive, allowing your saw to be repaired and returned to service in a short period of time. Spare parts for these popular models, which are in widespread use on construction sites and in workshops, are readily available.

The DWS780 In Action

The DIY enthusiast should avoid using this saw unless they are working on a large construction project or have no choice but to use it due to a tight budget.

This saw would be at home in a roofer’s van, ready to be transported up to the roof joists and used to make some fairly accurate cuts in a short amount of time and close to the location where they were required. When it comes to roofing materials, the majority of mitre saws are incapable of cutting through them because of their large size. What’s great about this saw is that it can be carried up to where the large timbers are being worked on, which allows for significant time savings and expedited completion of the job.

Carpenters who work on wood-framed houses would find this mitre saw useful for a variety of tasks in their work environment. It is not a problem to cut large timbers for the frame and structure of the house, and it is also possible to cut smaller finishing touches for the interior of the house with a high quality finish. This saw has a plethora of applications.

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Value For Money

You may be under the impression that this saw represents poor value for money, but you would be mistaken. For many construction workers, this will perform the function of several saws, resulting in a significant cost savings by purchasing only once. By only transporting one saw that can be taken into small working spaces, money and time can be saved as well as frustration.

For the DIY enthusiast and tradesmen who do not perform structural work, this is likely to be a nice to have rather than an absolute necessity, and a less expensive model such as the DeWalt DW777 would perform just as well.


Our DeWalt DWS780 review has demonstrated that this is not your typical mitre saw, and that it is capable of performing some heavy-duty tasks that would be impossible with a traditional mitre saw. Roofing contractors and construction workers who need to cut a variety of metals and timbers while also working in confined spaces will find this tool extremely useful due to its lightweight and portability.

Additionally, it will perform delicate fine finishes on the smaller visible woodwork that we are all familiar with when using a mitre saw, in addition to working on the heavy duty materials. This is an excellent tool for a general contractor who will find it useful on a variety of jobs from start to finish.

It’s a truly impressive tool, and we would strongly recommend it if your projects necessitate this level of cutting capability.

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DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)
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